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English-Hindi > cheremis

cheremis meaning in Hindi

cheremis sentence in Hindi

• चरिमिस
1.Similarly pagans of the Cheremis people celebrate and call this holiday Shorok yol " a sheep leg ".

2.His works are mostly related to linguistics, theology, antique literature and translation to Chuvash, Mordvinians and Cheremis.

3.During the period from 30 August to 6 September Alexander Gorbatyi-Shuisky defeated the inner cavalry under Yapancha and the Cheremis troops.

4.WoBodyjowski, ZagBoba and Rzdzian make for WaBadynka, where they kill the witch and her servant Czeremis ( Cheremis ), and rescue Helena.

5.He was also a passionate ethnographer with the study of some Arctic peoples to the east and west of the Urals : Chuvash people, Cheremiss, Permiak, Zyrian, Samoyeds.

6.The "'First Cheremis War "'or "'Kazan War "'( 1552 & ndash; 1556 ), an uprising against Muscovite Russia, aimed to restore the Kazan Khanate which Moscow had conquered in October 1552.

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