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claddings sentence in Hindi

"claddings" meaning in Hindicladdings in a sentence
  • A . Try cladding the sill in aluminum and painting that.
  • Cladding on the inside allows finishing of wood on the interior.
  • In Materials Science and Engineering, explosives are used in cladding.
  • The building facade features grey granite, glass and aluminum cladding.
  • Exterior cladding is horizontal 1 " by 6 " wooden siding.
  • This causes the cladding to become embrittled, instead of ductile.
  • Insulation was added behind the metal boxes in the cladding units.
  • The northern addition has chamferboard external cladding which has been rendered.
  • Railings on the street have shapes similar to the cladding panels.
  • The main building has a corrugated fibro roof with weatherboard cladding.
  • But varied claddings and detailings provide plenty of horizontal interest.
  • Push-button 4WD . Lows : Ugly body cladding.
  • There is copious dark gray plastic cladding the bottom of the body.
  • In Spring 2011, two small samples of decorative cladding were fitted.
  • From mid-year, Avalanche could be ordered without the cladding.
  • The buildings are clad in cedar cladding and Tresca panels.
  • It loses the plastic lower body side cladding leaving the paint exposed.
  • Embrittled cladding is less ductile and more susceptible to cracking.
  • The cladding had to transmit heat but not absorb too many neutrons.
  • Such highly active gas with ionized molecules is called cladding or spraying.
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