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cladode sentence in Hindi

"cladode" meaning in Hindicladode in a sentence
  • Definitions of the terms " phylloclade " and " cladode " vary.
  • The cladodes are long with 10 to 14 teeth.
  • In April, they tunnel farther into the cladode.
  • The cladodes of the plant would nourish and hydrate the zebu cattle they tended.
  • The cladodes are segmented, and the true leaves are tiny teeth encircling each joint.
  • Larvae are gregarious within the cladode, and may feed in several clododes to complete development.
  • Young larvae hollow out a small cell under the epidermis near the margin of the cladode.
  • Larvae of the first generation are gregarious and bore into young cladodes of the host plant.
  • By this definition, some of the most leaf-like structures are cladodes, rather than phylloclades.
  • Later instars tunnel in the cladodes and final instars may tunnel into the underground parts of the host plant.
  • Instead of leaves the tree has long segmented branchlets, known as cladodes, that resemble olive green pine needles.
  • Older larvae are solitary and feed on older cladodes, entering near the top and boring down through the center.
  • By an alternative definition, cladodes are distinguished by their limited growth and that they involve only one or two internodes.
  • Cladodes that are 1 2 years old produce flowers, the fruit's colours ranging from pale green to deep red.
  • The eggs are laid on either the tip of the cactus spine, the cactus leaf, the cladode, or the cactus fruit.
  • As with other " Allocasuarina " species, the foliage consists of slender green branchlets informally referred to as " needles " but more correctly termed cladodes.
  • As with other " Allocasuarina " species, its foliage consists of slender green branchlets informally referred to as " needles " but more correctly termed cladodes.
  • The stems ( cladodes ) are composed of strongly flattened segments, which have two or three " teeth " of varying shapes along their edges and at the ends.
  • They have branched stems, bearing numerous cladodes ( flattened, leaf-like stem tissue also known as phylloclades ) 2 18 cm long and 1 8 cm broad.
  • The perennial shrub " Opuntia ficus-indica " can grow up to 3-5m height, with thick, succulent and oblong to spatulate stems called cladodes.
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