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claim agent sentence in Hindi

"claim agent" meaning in Hindiclaim agent in a sentence
  • Nine days after the accident, Lovette, the CSX claims agent, stopped by Feaster's office.
  • In Manhattan's Bryant Park, Theresa McKibbin, an insurance claims agent, might be expected to consider changes.
  • The house was built in 1851 by local contractor Philo Pierson for claim agent John Bixby.
  • In the Feaster case, Lovette, the CSX claims agent, soon reported that the tapes no longer existed.
  • He run cutlery shop in Rajkot from 1949 to 1954 and also served as Railway Claims agent.
  • The happier a customer is with the claims agent, the less likely they are to file a lawsuit,
  • In the lawsuit, Hemofarm Vrsac claims agent Marc Cornstein and Pinnacle Management Corp . interfered with Milicic's European contract.
  • His first job after Yale was as a claim agent for the Mohawk Division of the New York Central Railroad.
  • The next day, Summers said, he talked with Larry Lovette, a CSX claims agent, at the crossing and discussed his investigation.
  • Wilson was also associated with Railroads in Illinois, and later settled in Washington, D . C . as a claim agent and attorney.
  • In a lawsuit filed Friday in New York, Hemofarm Vrsac claims agent Marc Cornstein and Pinnacle Management Corp . interfered with Milicic's European contract.
  • According to the tin signs by his door, Sellers is an attorney at law and claim agent, a materializer, a hypnotizer, and a mind-cure dabbler.
  • In the general election held on April 19, 1960, Fowler overwhelmed "'William C . Porter "'( 1910-1977 ), a Republican railroad claims agent from San Francisco, California.
  • Still, with the business still in the black, Alexander did find time to start a romantic relationship with Eve Elder, a 33-year-old insurance claims agent, around 1995.
  • As the torrential rain subsided and insurance claims agents went to work, many streets that were not under water were receptacles for toppled trees, utility poles and windblown debris.
  • Prior to the creation of the congressional media galleries, the House and Senate handled the issuance of lobbyists and claim agents of the Revolutionary and Civil War pensioners from obtaining press credentials.
  • After leaving Tombstone shortly after the gunfight at the OK Corral, Breakenridge later served as a deputy U . S . marshal, a surveyor, and as a claims agent for the Southern Pacific Railroad.
  • Lovette, a claims agent for 27 years before Hilary's accident, would testify that he thought the tapes were recycled every 30 days . Another CSX official, however, said that Lovette had never asked for them.
  • Huse said Jorge Yong, a mid-level claims agent at the agency's Belle Glade, Fla ., district office, had had a cyberspace fight with the unidentified woman that led to his being banned from an Internet chatroom.
  • Mac later explains to The Gang and an insurance claim agent that God does exist and he, Mac, is indeed straight, because his prayer was answered and no loving God " would make " him gay.
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