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commonalty sentence in Hindi

"commonalty" meaning in Hindicommonalty in a sentence
  • Knowledge Seeker and Tecno Enthusiast . " There are some vague commonalties there.
  • But Buss is not interested in those commonalties.
  • The defendants were Mayor Alderman and the Commonalty of the City of New York.
  • After years of little commonalty, my situation is as my mother's was.
  • These statues were quite precious for all the people from the commonalty to the Emperors.
  • There are a lot of commonalties.
  • The deal " goes some way toward bringing Iraq back to the commonalty of nations.
  • A dispute with the commonalty of Lynn as to certain municipal rights ended in a compromise.
  • In 1315 the prebendary manor was granted by Robert Baldock to the Mayor and commonalty of London.
  • The suit was brought by the mayor and commonalty, and was tried before the mayor and aldermen.
  • Ancient religious hatreds obscure the commonalties of Europe's Jewish and Christian cultures and Middle Eastern Islamic cultures.
  • As a borough, Hastings had a corporation consisting of a " bailiff, jurats, and commonalty ".
  • The Commonalty included George Clark, Robert J . Haws, Moses W . J . Jackson, and others.
  • The main characters of the plot reveal the life of the skilled craftspeople and merchants in the commonalty of the era.
  • The case of Mayor and Commonalty v . Wood is the stronger, because it is on the point of jurisdiction.
  • The celebrity culture has conditioned us to expect stars to drop out of the sky before one drops in on the commonalty.
  • Ambro served the town of Urban Renewal Agency, as well as president of Freeholders and Commonalty of the Town of Huntington.
  • In the mid-1980s, she helped make Beverly Hills and Cannes sister cities, recognizing their entertainment and commercial commonalties.
  • The historic, original Town government is known as the " Trustees of the Freeholders and Commonalty of the Town of East Hampton ."
  • But according to the jurisdiction of the Federal Constitutional Court, the prescription of a minimum voting age is compatible with the commonalty of the election.
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