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English-Hindi > commonalty

commonalty meaning in Hindi

commonalty sentence in Hindi
1.Knowledge Seeker and Tecno Enthusiast . " There are some vague commonalties there.

2.But Buss is not interested in those commonalties.

3.The defendants were Mayor Alderman and the Commonalty of the City of New York.

4.After years of little commonalty, my situation is as my mother's was.

5.These statues were quite precious for all the people from the commonalty to the Emperors.

6.There are a lot of commonalties.

7.The deal " goes some way toward bringing Iraq back to the commonalty of nations.

8.A dispute with the commonalty of Lynn as to certain municipal rights ended in a compromise.

9.In 1315 the prebendary manor was granted by Robert Baldock to the Mayor and commonalty of London.

10.The suit was brought by the mayor and commonalty, and was tried before the mayor and aldermen.

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a class composed of persons lacking clerical or noble rank
Synonyms: commonality, commons,

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