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English-Hindi > copie

copie meaning in Hindi

copie sentence in Hindi
1.He was an active member of the " Centre Copie-Art ".

2.Entred for his copie under the handes of the Wardens and by Consent of Master Robertes.

3.Valerie Copie, a professor of biochemistry and chemistry emphasized that dissent is not necessarily widespread.

4.La seconde tournait autour de la couleur, avec la connaissance du clair-obscur et la copie des tableaux des meilleurs ma�tres.

5.With " Mariage : on copie " ( 1994 ), she became the first woman in Mali to publish a novel.

6.At the press conference following the press screening of " Copie Conforme ", Binoche was informed that Panahi had begun a hunger strike.

7.Shimell had very little knowledge of the cinema when he was invited to feature in " Copie conforme " with Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami.

8.Quant ?la th�se de la copie, d�velopp�e par Joseph Archer Crowe et Giovanni Battista Cavalcaselle, elle est reprise par Federico Hermanin et Giuseppe Fiocco.

9.Note : original disparu; une copie ?exacte ?de cet acte fut �tablie en 1876 par M Biesta, notaire de l �tude LXII dans laquelle devrait se trouver ce document.

10.In fact the all that is needed to get page scans directly into Cayleys original writing on the subject is to go and copie the link from the article on classial hamiltonian quaterions.

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