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dace sentence in Hindi

"dace" meaning in Hindi
  • Dace was not there the night Alexei won the Cliburn gold.
  • Spawning for Tennessee dace starts in April and extends into July.
  • The reason for the disappearance of the blacknose dace is unknown.
  • Dace likes to save any literature until after the meal is over.
  • The route is as good as ours, " added Dace.
  • Harry Dace, director of the Civilian Astronauts Corps, said Thursday.
  • These include red-sided suckers, and speckled dace.
  • The fish most commonly seen are small dace and perch.
  • Weiss currently lives in Dijon, France with his wife, Dace.
  • Crayfish and other introduced species feed on the Yaqui dace.
  • Until the end of the 18th century dace was transferred Orel diocese.
  • Other common names for the fish include Florida blue dace.
  • These species are brook trout, brown trout, and blacknose dace.
  • Fried dace with salted black beans has many brands in Hong Kong.
  • Nearby groundwater pumping has decreased stream discharge and streamflows and decreased dace habitat.
  • He suggested that his listeners cast an online vote for the Longnose dace.
  • Dace says as she plays imaginary piano keys.
  • This genus unites the Ponto-Caspian daces.
  • The creek provides habitat for crawfish as well as rainbow trout and speckled dace.
  • The museum hired Jacqueline K . Dace as its permanent director in November 2012.
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