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dacite sentence in Hindi

"dacite" meaning in Hindi
  • The main rock type of the volcanoes is andesite and dacite.
  • In the North West corner is found dacite and quartz andesite.
  • Middle Silurian Colinton Volcanics foliated dacite and tuff is under Williamsdale.
  • It is constructed by dacite and surrounded by pyroclastic flow deposits.
  • They are constructed by dacite and smaller amounts of pyroxene andesite.
  • The volcanoes are formed by basaltic andesite, andesite and dacite.
  • Rocks in the chain are andesite, basaltic andesite and dacite.
  • The group consists of andesite and dacite stratovolcanoes and lava domes.
  • The St Marys Porphyrite is an ash flow of dacite from.
  • The chain is constructed by dacite and smaller amounts of andesite.
  • The most elevated lava flows and spines are composed of dacite.
  • It is constructed from porphyritic dacite lava flows and lava domes.
  • Dacite clasts cover the inward-sloping walls of the rampart.
  • The volcano has erupted andesite and dacite, both containing hornblende.
  • Escalante and Sairecabur have erupted dark andesites, later also dacites.
  • The dominant volcanic rock at Ciomadul is potassium-rich dacite.
  • Olivine is found in the andesites and quartz in the dacites.
  • The volcano is constructed by dacite and pyroxene or hornblende andesite.
  • The andesite and monzonite are cut by dikes of dacite and rhyolite.
  • In thin section, dacites may have an aphanitic to porphyritic texture.
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