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dacian sentence in Hindi

"dacian" meaning in Hindi
  • Trajan launched a direct attack on the Dacian capital, Sarmizegetusa.
  • Dacian settlements were mainly located in and behind hilltops and mountains.
  • The legion served on campaign during the Dacian wars of Trajan.
  • Daco-Thracian or Thraco-Dacian is the main hypothesis.
  • It also was chosen as the seat of the Dacian diocese.
  • An indigenous Dacian origin for the ore has been ruled out.
  • The Dacian language is considered a variety of the Thracian language.
  • She spent two decades studying Dacian Illyrian people from the area.
  • Vespasian enjoyed support from the majority of the Germanic and Dacian tribes.
  • Their function was to secure the obedience of the Dacian peoples internally.
  • Similarly, the supposed close relationship between Dacian and Thracian remains unproven.
  • Some linguists are skeptical of this reconstruction methodology of Dacian.
  • Several linguists classify Dacian as a " satem"
  • Modern Romanian may contain 160 170 words of Dacian origin.
  • The blue area shows the Dacian lands conquered by the Roman Empire.
  • On his way there, he defeated a Dacian invasion of Moesia.
  • Ivan Duridanov considered it a Dacian name with unclear etymology.
  • The site is also close to Sarmizegetusa, a later Dacian capital.
  • In reality several different tribes supported the Romans in the Dacian wars.
  • Previously, this type of armour as not found at Dacian sites.
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