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dacron sentence in Hindi

"dacron" meaning in Hindi
  • Dacron strings are easy to maintain and can last several years.
  • The leading edge is plywood, the rest covered with Dacron.
  • The aircraft is made from aluminium tube, covered with Dacron.
  • The Streamer has a double surface wing covered in Dacron sailcloth.
  • Dacron was saved when Ned Jackson was put in charge,
  • The wings and tail are covered with pre-sewn Dacron envelopes.
  • The Mutt comes standard with an 8 oz dacron jib.
  • The standard main is also 4 oz-dacron with 4 battens.
  • The Aerolite 103 is sold as an assembly Dacron envelopes.
  • The aluminum frame wing is covered in pre-sewn Dacron envelopes.
  • Both designs were constructed from bolted aluminium tubing covered in Dacron fabric.
  • The single-surface wing is covered in Dacron sailcloth.
  • He said didn't have a profit estimate for the Dacron business.
  • Reel : Capable of holding 200 yards of 20-pound Dacron backing.
  • DeBakey pioneered the use of Dacron grafts to replace or repair blood vessels.
  • Dacron thread must be used in any sewing work.
  • The synthetic material Dacron may also be used to create a repair patch.
  • There was no engine humming, just the occasional flapping of the dacron sails.
  • An alternate dacron / mylar film sailcloth laminate also is approved for the genoa.
  • The wings and tail surfaces are covered in pre-sewn Dacron sailcloth envelopes.
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