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daguerreotype sentence in Hindi

"daguerreotype" meaning in Hindidaguerreotype in a sentence
  • Among his daguerreotypes is one of a mask with upright ears.
  • I was fascinated by the clarity and detail of the daguerreotype.
  • But admiring a daguerreotype and making one are very different things.
  • The Met exhibit consists of about 175 items, mostly daguerreotypes.
  • Antoine Claudet had purchased a licence from Daguerre directly to produce daguerreotypes
  • With a daguerreotype, any writing will appear back to front.
  • He invented crayon daguerreotypes and crystallotypes ( daguerreotypes on glass ).
  • He invented crayon daguerreotypes and crystallotypes ( daguerreotypes on glass ).
  • Manuscripts and rare early daguerreotypes and portraits are also exhibited there.
  • Forms part of : Daguerreotype collection ( Library of Congress ).
  • About 1845 daguerreotypes were gaining in popularity in the United States.
  • In parallel, she was active with a daguerreotype photographic studio.
  • During the 1840s he published a collection of daguerreotypes of Jamaica.
  • Yet despite its onetime modishness, the daguerreotype is not widely exhibited.
  • Another reason daguerreotypes became less popular was because of their extreme fragility.
  • Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre made the first daguerreotype around 1835.
  • Who had lugged a daguerreotype camera to the Far East?
  • Most daguerreotypes unearthed from America's attics are unexceptional.
  • My approach to daguerreotypes is purely as a contemporary photographer,
  • But brightly illuminated, the daguerreotype springs instantly and magically to life.
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