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dahana sentence in Hindi

"dahana" meaning in Hindidahana in a sentence
  • Dahana Jamoat suffers from periodic flooding.
  • Radhar Panca Dahana, a poet and theater activist, said Indonesian theater faced external and internal threats.
  • "' Dahana "'is a town of Khuiretta subdivision of Kotli District, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.
  • In the Mahabharata, Varuna gives it to Krishna ( eight avatar of Vishnu ) during the " Khandava-dahana ".
  • During the reign of Aurangzeb there was a Rajput freebooter named Hathi Singh Bargujar at Dahana ( now called Badshahpur village in Mewat district ).
  • Swathed modestly in a powder-blue burka on a recent afternoon, Ghazanfar knocked gently at the door of one of two women in Dahana-e-rej village who graduated from high school.
  • BPIS also controls seven other state firms, including telecommunications equipment manufacturer PT Inti, railway equipment manufacturer PT Inka, electronics equipment manufacturer PT LEN Industri, engineering firms PT Barata Indonesia and PT Bosma Indra, and explosives manufacturer PT Dahana.
  • Sisumayana introduced the earliest writings in the " sangatya " metre in his works " Anjanacharita " and " Tripura-dahana ", the later being a poem on the destruction of the triple fortress of birth, decay and death.
  • While economic distribution data in Indonesia varies, it is safe to say, as quoted by speaker A . Dahana at the dialog, that ethnic Chinese in Indonesia comprise only around 4 percent of the whole Indonesian population, but they control around 50 percent of the nation's economic assets and money in circulation.
  • The decrees also terminate Habibie's tenure for the three posts . Hari Laksono is the former vice president of PT IPTN, Adwin Suryohadiprojo the former production director of PT PAL and Budi Santosa the former technology director of PT Pindad . When asked by the media whether the installation of three new company presidents had something to do with Habibie's nomination for vice president for the 1998 / 2003 term, Giri just smiled . He explained at the installation ceremony that the promotion of the three new presidents was conducted because the tenure for the posts had expired . " The seven other posts will not be changed because they are still valid, " he said, adding that Habibie's only other post to expire this year among the remaining seven companies supervised by BPIS is at steel producer PT Krakatau Steel . BPIS is also responsible for telecommunications equipment manufacturer PT Inti, train equipment producer PT Inka, electronics manufacturer PT LEN Industri, engineering firms PT Barata Indonesia and PT Boma Bisma Indra, and explosives manufacturer PT Dahana . In his speech at the ceremony, Giri urged the new officials to uphold the trust bestowed on them to anticipate any domestic and foreign challenges in both economic and non-economic matters . Giri also urged the companies to lobby the international community and not to rely on the efforts of one person . " It is our duty to work together . " Besides the installation of the new presidents, three other officials were also promoted at yesterday's ceremony . Faqih Zuhdi was installed as the new procurement director of PT IPTN, Adik Avianto Soedarsono as the new technology director of PT Pindad and Budiarto as the new production director of PT PAL.

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