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dah sentence in Hindi

"dah" meaning in Hindidah in a sentence
  • Just the last 12 minutes _ DAHda DAHda DUMP dah dah!
  • Just the last 12 minutes _ DAHda DAHda DUMP dah dah!
  • Dah An Commercial Bank jumped to NT $ 22.60.
  • "There's an upsurge in Doo Dah spirit.
  • The once zippity-doo-dah stock market is gone.
  • It's all lob-stah and chow-dah.
  • Daoud Yakub-- dah-OOD'YAH'- kuhb
  • Abu Dhabi-- AH'- boo DAH'- bee
  • Osama Awadallah-- ah-wah-DAH'- lah
  • Mazen Dana-- MAZ'- en DAH'- nah
  • The incident occurred in the northern province of Sa'dah.
  • Guadalupe River-- gwah-dah-LOO'- pee
  • In 896 some tribal leaders from Sa'dah and law.
  • In the next year the imam died in Sa'dah.
  • This wasn't some la-de-dah dilettante fling.
  • Dah-ling, I give you very best duck,
  • Stanshall formed the Doo-Dah Band in 1965 while at college.
  • Ner Dah said there is no prospect of that happening.
  • "Kita dah charter satu bas, " she said.
  • Ner Dah, a KNU spokesman, told The AP in Bangkok.
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