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dahomey sentence in Hindi

"dahomey" meaning in Hindidahomey in a sentence
  • Anyone know where I can find what used to be Dahomey?
  • The Dahomey kingship exists as a ceremonial role to this day.
  • On 11 July 1960 France agreed to Dahomey becoming fully independent.
  • After Dahomey achieved independence, Zinsou became the ambassador to France.
  • The people of Dahomey were outraged at Bokhiri's release.
  • Santer�a, a Vud? which is derived from Dahomey mythology.
  • He was Lieutenant-Governor of Dahomey from 1938 to 1940.
  • The university was founded in 1970 as the Universit?du Dahomey.
  • Les ?Somba ?du Dahomey septentrional ", ed.
  • Relief flights landed at Coutonou, Dahomey ( now Benin ).
  • The Dahomey Kingdom was known for its culture and traditions.
  • The Dahomey army favored imported European weapons as opposed to traditional weapons.
  • Suzanne Blier identifies two unique aspects of art in Dahomey : 1.
  • However, they became more vocal in trying to take over Dahomey.
  • He was born to Somba parents in the Gaba District of Dahomey.
  • He was also designated Vice Prime Minister of Dahomey under Hubert Maga.
  • Unusual formations included corps of female warriors-the Amazons of Dahomey.
  • In Dahomey captures much of the perspective of early 20th century Broadway.
  • However, Dahomey finally succumbed to the forces of the French Army.
  • When Dahomey conquered Allada and Whydah the practice was banned.
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