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English-Hindi > damnation

damnation meaning in Hindi

damnation sentence in Hindi
1.Church officials said Trosch spoke to parishioners about hellfire and damnation.

2.There is also very little overheated talk of hellfire and damnation.

3.Many tracts suggest that other points of view lead to damnation.

4.It was described as cruel for condemning people to eternal damnation.

5.Their Calvinism was based on a fear of God and damnation.

6.Followers were taught that leaving the cult meant eternal damnation.

7.She has also recorded " La Damnation de Faust,"

8.End of Days : Arnold Schwarzenegger saves the world from millennial damnation.

9.Many churches cannot teach about homosexuality without triggering biblical literalism and damnation.

10.But their emphasis on damnation and salvation resembles fundamentalist Christianity.

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the act of damning

the state of being condemned to eternal punishment in Hell
Synonyms: eternal damnation,

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