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English-Hindi > damnatory

damnatory meaning in Hindi

damnatory sentence in Hindi
1.Moberly, however, retained his independence of thought, and in 1872 he astonished his High Church friends by joining in the movement for the disuse of the damnatory clauses in the Athanasian Creed.

2.The Protestant view is that every human is a sinner, and being saved by God's grace, not simply by the merit of one's own actions, pardons a damnatory sentence to Hell.

3.Many of the thrash bands of the 1980s had disbanded and heavier groups were beginning to fill the void, such as Necrotomy, Acheron, Disembowlment, Corpse Molestation, Damnatory, Hecatomb, Frozen Doberman, Allegiance and Hecatomb.

4.He was also a supporter of the movement for abolishing the recitation of the Athanasian Creed in the public services of the Church of England, believing, as he said, that the " presence " of the damnatory clauses, " as they stand and where they stand, is a real peril to the Church and to Christianity itself, " and that those clauses " are no essential part " of the creed.

threatening with damnation
Synonyms: damning,

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