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English-Hindi > damnification

damnification meaning in Hindi

damnification sentence in Hindi
1.Diagnoses and treatment of ligamenta damnification of gambrel

2.Blasting effects on rock damnification and its control

3.So , the characteristic of the geomembrane with damnification is studied in this paper

4.Clinical features of thyrotoxic hepatic damnification in children and adolescent with hyperthyroidism

5.Sonic wave analysis on uncoupled explosive - charging structure for damnification of hole wall rock

6.Effects of quot; mulitang quot; to the experimental damnification of liver caused by tetraehloride carbon

7.Giagnoses on damnification of competition in speed of three person ' s board shoes in traditional sports for nationality

8.3 . through the calculation , analyzing the influence of anti - seepage of the geomembrane with damnification

9.Objective to study the clinical curative effect of " jiedu shuluo decoction " on preventing the lung radioactive damnification

10.Besides , urethral block , bph or the damnification at perineum and urethra all also induce the chronic prostatitis

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