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damning sentence in Hindi

"damning" meaning in Hindi
  • It has maintained that most damning of all qualities _ fun.
  • Talk about damning with faint ( or feigned ? ) praise.
  • And yet he has assembled much that is damning and true.
  • On the contrary, the internal e-mail is damning:
  • Is that what's known as damning with faint praise?
  • But Rudovsky said Kornberg raised a damning tactical problem for himself.
  • Koresh was stockpiling weapons and, most damning, abusing children.
  • We like to paint all suburbs with the same damning brush.
  • Two opponents hired private investigators, but produced no damning evidence.
  • Many who read the 217-page document found it damning.
  • He has a relentless eye for the small, damning detail.
  • White's most damning liability may be his own resume.
  • Then Spitzer released his affidavit containing the damning e-mails.
  • On the face of it, the comments sound damning enough.
  • But other party officials were equally damning of the European Parliament.
  • But Elitsur says Israel's performance in Lebanon is damning.
  • Reaction to the summit in the Yugoslavia was swift and damning.
  • That he did, using spectral analysis, with damning results.
  • Though he passes, her betrayal is too damning for Lewis.
  • No criticism of the Munich Agreement could be more damning ".
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