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English-Hindi > damning

damning meaning in Hindi

damning sentence in Hindi
1.It has maintained that most damning of all qualities _ fun.

2.Talk about damning with faint ( or feigned ? ) praise.

3.And yet he has assembled much that is damning and true.

4.On the contrary, the internal e-mail is damning:

5.Is that what's known as damning with faint praise?

6.But Rudovsky said Kornberg raised a damning tactical problem for himself.

7.Koresh was stockpiling weapons and, most damning, abusing children.

8.We like to paint all suburbs with the same damning brush.

9.Two opponents hired private investigators, but produced no damning evidence.

10.Many who read the 217-page document found it damning.

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threatening with damnation
Synonyms: damnatory,

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