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English-Hindi > damoiselle

damoiselle meaning in Hindi

damoiselle sentence in Hindi
1.Picasso's " Damoiselles d'Avignon " 5.

2.Frances has been raised in France, and speaks broken English; she is the " damoiselle " of the title.

3.The seigneurie of the Lys fell to their third son, Henri de Marcq, married to the damoiselle Louise de Boullan.

4.Brome includes views of this phenomenon in his plays " The Sparagus Garden " and " The Damoiselle ".

5.Very little is known of Margaret, even her maiden name is lost-contemporary records refer to her mainly as " Damoiselle Marguierite ".

6.Brome sets some scenes in " The Damoiselle " in the " Temple Walks " of the Middle Temple, one of the Inns of Court.

7.Debussy confided to the critic and composer Gustave Samazeuilh that he was influenced by " La Sulamite " when writing " La damoiselle �lue ".

8.The subject of usury is crucial to Brome's " The Damoiselle ", and links the play to a group of anti-usury plays that appeared in the 1630s.

9.On October 15 Debussy conducted the " Ib�ria " section from his orchestral triptych " Images pour orchestre ", and a week later he conducted his cantata " La damoiselle �lue ".

10.A fruitful professional association with Arturo Toscanini began in 1936, when Bampton sang in Debussy's " La damoiselle �lue " with the NYP, and included several broadcasts with the conductor and his NBC Symphony Orchestra.

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a young unmarried woman
Synonyms: damsel, demoiselle, damosel, damozel,

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