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dartboard sentence in Hindi

"dartboard" meaning in Hindidartboard in a sentence
  • The Chargers will be posting a Dierdorf dartboard for such sassiness.
  • Grandma suckers Grandpa into a duel at the Willard Scott dartboard.
  • "Makes a great dartboard, " he snips.
  • But Bond is only the center of Austin's dartboard.
  • As chairman, I now know what a dartboard feels like,
  • For years, Greenwell has been a dartboard ornament around Fenway Park.
  • Soutar stared down the dartboard, threw _ and hit.
  • Watson walked into the bar and sat near the dartboards.
  • Quality dartboards are made of sisal cork or coiled paper.
  • They have had me on their dartboard for years.
  • This emblem soon acquired the nickname of the " Ferret and Dartboard ".
  • This emblem was often disparagingly known as'the ferret and dartboard '.
  • The layout of the rooms has been designed to look like a dartboard.
  • MFS Communications Among ` Investment Dartboard'Stock Picks
  • But Mom and I played, and we got a dartboard for the house.
  • Oh, and also a very large dartboard.
  • Monday's rain softened up the course and made the greens like dartboards.
  • I don't think the American people want the politics of the dartboard.
  • They probably have my face on a dartboard,
  • A face for the dartboard, someone to blame, to cry out against.
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