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English-Hindi > daybreaks

daybreaks meaning in Hindi

daybreaks sentence in Hindi
• प्रातःकाल
• भोर
• सबेरा
• सवेरा
• सूर्योदय
• तड़का
• अरुणोदय
• उषा
• तड़के
• प्रभात
1.Near daybreak, Wade said, Winslow went inside the cabin.

2.Roma Flowers'fine lighting went from daybreak to blazing red.

3.Rescue workers found his feet protruding from the mud at daybreak.

4.The women at Daybreak range in age from 18 to 25.

5.Outside, the purple tint in the sky hinted of daybreak.

6.And honking the horns that didn't subside until daybreak.

7.Police discovered the wreckage at daybreak in a mountainous area nearby.

8.Pine trees below his porch burst into flames around daybreak Thursday.

9.Police had found footprints believed left by the infiltrators after daybreak.

10.In Macedonia, more searchers were sent out at daybreak Thursday.

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