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dementias sentence in Hindi

"dementias" meaning in Hindidementias in a sentence
  • One patient with alcoholic dementia tested negative; another tested positive.
  • His dementia became a topic of gossip in the local newspapers.
  • CJD is a rare brain disorder that causes dementia and death.
  • Singleton has tapped into this dementia and made it terrifying real.
  • Suddenly, he laughed with a vigor just short of dementia.
  • Chances of getting Alzheimer's disease or another dementia increase.
  • Many people with dementia withdraw from society, according to Hall.
  • It may also lower the risk of colon cancer and dementia.
  • Eighty percent of the residents suffer from some degree of dementia.
  • Some suffer dementia and other mental illnesses that affect their judgment.
  • This factor is especially significant in progressive disorders such as dementia.
  • By contrast, tube feeding can cause suffering in dementia patients.
  • Dementia and greed, to most, were at least linear.
  • Then Dick's old brain circuits curdle into paranoid dementia.
  • At 65 years, 5 percent suffer some form of dementia.
  • It could be one of the first signs of dementia ."
  • The women were often suffering from other illnesses, including dementia.
  • First, she became confused, a sign of early dementia.
  • Moderate drinking can help prevent strokes, amputated limbs and dementia.
  • So many wallow in dementia and can't be heard.
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