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demerger sentence in Hindi

"demerger" meaning in Hindidemerger in a sentence
  • "We're looking for news of the demerger.
  • Under what is being called a " demerger,"
  • AMP shareholders will vote on the demerger plan late this year.
  • The Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting in December 2004 approved the Demerger Plan.
  • By separating textile and media, the demerger will change this image.
  • ICI moved out after the demerger of AstraZeneca in 1992.
  • The demerger " unleashed " Axiata Group to grow further across Asia.
  • The major focus is more on the demerger plans,
  • The ICI-Zeneca demerger has provided a blueprint for releasing that value.
  • A settlement would certainly make a demerger more likely,
  • Smith said the demerger of Waterstone's will take place next spring.
  • The gradual recovery will likely to tag along closely with its demerger plan.
  • Its planned demerger is a watershed in this restructuring.
  • The demerger process also resulted in the restructuring of the existing agglomeration body.
  • Immediately following the demerger, Williams Holdings launched a takeover bid for Racal.
  • Housefather then led the demerger movement in his borough.
  • The demerger took effect on January 1, 2006.
  • A demerger would have been an expensive distraction,
  • The demerger took effect on 30 August 2006.
  • The Burberry demerger was completed in December 2005.
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