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demerol sentence in Hindi

"demerol" meaning in Hindidemerol in a sentence
  • Those Bruins looked like they had been prepped with Demerol.
  • He hit bottom in 1979, adding Demerol injections to his menu.
  • Now he orders a smidgen of Demerol to take off the edge.
  • His wife, Dorothy, had anorexia and was addicted to Demerol.
  • The pain made the Demerol evaporate like sweat on a sidewalk in hell.
  • I was still in a haze from the morning's shot of Demerol.
  • First, it was percocet, then Demerol, then Vicoden, then morphine.
  • Sanofi Pharmaceuticals tries to guard against the misuse of Demerol by controlling its distribution.
  • Hospital administrators realized then that injectable Demerol was being taken improperly from the hospital.
  • Drugs like Demerol and Valium are often used.
  • Sanofi Pharmaceuticals Inc . manufactures Demerol, the trade name for the generic drug meperidine.
  • Now he was including Demerol and Valium.
  • A few minutes after the shot, the Demerol begins to bring Ray some relief.
  • "Oh, no, " she replied, the Demerol kicking in.
  • I have never seen a patient complain that a doctor gave him too much Demerol.
  • A physician's reference book warns that a patient on Nardil not be given Demerol.
  • Nor should she have ordered Demerol.
  • The gunman fled with about dlrs 15 and four bottles of Demerol, a pain suppressant.
  • Pittoni : " Did you discuss giving Demerol for rigors with Dr . Sherman ?"
  • Demerol is a narcotic analgesic, a pain reliever, that has an effect similar to morphine.
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