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demesnes sentence in Hindi

"demesnes" meaning in Hindidemesnes in a sentence
  • New sheriffdoms enabled the King to effectively administer royal demesne land.
  • At the time the demesne included Craigie House and 232 acres.
  • Soon nothing will obscure Watson's full view of his demesne.
  • The two brothers made peace and returned to their demesnes.
  • The Keys hold sovereign power in their own demesne and their day.
  • Then the village belonged to the demesne of Bogdan Belsky.
  • It was built in 1785 and forms part of the Downhill Demesne.
  • Until the 13th century the Manor of Kingsteignton was a crown demesne.
  • The manor was not held in demesne like other manors.
  • Most of these tenants in demesne and also the tenant paravail ).
  • The village was centred on the demesne of the prince-elector.
  • John of Liechtenstein was at the time the Lord of the Mikulov demesne.
  • It provides that land held in demesne by the Crown may be registered.
  • The area and its surrounding forest of Barnetts Demesne are mapped for orienteering.
  • Thereafter, the duchy formed an integral part of the French royal demesne.
  • Ducal authority was the strongest on the frontier near the Capetian royal demesne.
  • There are small pockets of flat ground, mostly in the Ecclesville Demesne.
  • There were always 2 ploughs belonging to the demesne.
  • The demesne and other lands around Brewood brought in ?0 9s . 6d.
  • They live in immense villas on private parks, called " demesnes ".
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