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English-Hindi > denebola

denebola meaning in Hindi

denebola sentence in Hindi
1.Denebola is dimmer, but the triangle is more nearly equilateral.

2.The dust surrounding Denebola has a temperature of about.

3.In 2009, " Denebola " won second place at this annual conference.

4.The party rerecruits Airi and Hinako and defeats Denebola, who is captured by Miyako.

5.Kinematic studies have shown that Denebola is part of a stellar association dubbed the IC 2391 supercluster.

6.Other well known Delta Scuti variables include Altair, Denebola ( ? Leonis ) and ? Cassiopeiae.

7.On 1 October 2007, " Denebola " was transferred to the United States Maritime Administration.

8.If activated, " Denebola " will report to the Military Sealift Command and change her USNS.

9."Denebola " was ranked as one of the best papers in New England during its print existence.

10."Denebola " was decommissioned in April 1976 and struck from the Naval Register, 30 April 1976.

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