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English-Hindi > devoirs

devoirs meaning in Hindi

devoirs sentence in Hindi
1.He wrote for the Montreal newspaper " Le Devoir ".

2."Quebec Divided, " was the summation of Le Devoir.

3.As a journalist he mainly wrote for Le Devoir.

4.In 2007, she switched to Le Devoir.

5."Quebec holds its breath, " headlined Le Devoir, a Montreal daily.

6.I have been studying French, and in French there are two verbs devoir and pouvoir.

7.From 1972 to 1987 he wrote a column for the Montreal newspaper " Le Devoir ".

8.In 1974, she became a reporter for the daily newspaper " Le Devoir ".

9.Je pense devoir consacrer entre 15 ?40 heures par semaine, en fonction des besoins ponctuels.

10.Since September 2014, he also writes a column for the French language Montreal daily Le Devoir.

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