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enameling sentence in Hindi

"enameling" meaning in Hindi
  • Limoges has been a center of enameling since the third century.
  • In 1903 the Lafayette Stamping and Enameling Co . was founded.
  • This made the use of enameling ideal during this time period.
  • Enameling the drawings would have cost $ 50, 000.
  • Lewis PWF method also pioneered the enameling of lightweight iron filigree beads.
  • The Edwardian years were big on guilloche enameling and engine-turned engraving.
  • Meenakari then involves enameling to define the design details.
  • Moore Enameling and Jones Metal also manufactured enamelware.
  • The process differs from enameling in many respects.
  • Eisch later resorted to enameling the exteriors of his pieces to strengthen his forms.
  • Enameling Building, a 10000 s . f.
  • In 1972 he published his first book, " Experimental Techniques in Enameling ."
  • Later on there were factories where different people specialized in enameling, incising or gilding.
  • They later collaborated on a long and successful career in enameling beginning in the 1940s.
  • The Human Resources building was used by the enameling department until its conversion in 1948.
  • While visiting Denver en route to Sausalito in 1954, Schwarcz was introduced to enameling.
  • Such buttons can be decorated with jewels, enameling, and other traditional jewelers'techniques.
  • Thimble artists would also utilize enameling, or the Guilloch?techniques advanced by Peter Carl Faberg?
  • In 1918 new additions were added to the south end of the finishing and enameling shops.
  • He wrote several books on enameling.
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