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entire contract sentence in Hindi

"entire contract" meaning in Hindientire contract in a sentence
  • "The insurance doesn't pay the entire contract.
  • He said AT & AMP; T had bid for the entire contract.
  • The entire contract under the new terms is valued at $ 502 million.
  • The entire contract, excluding shipping, was only $ 2, 000.
  • "It doesn't mean they'll reject the entire contract.
  • And while he did not endorse the entire contract, Dole issued an encouraging statement.
  • One national vaccine expert raised concerns about awarding the entire contract to just one company.
  • Together, those items averaged 25 percent of the entire contract, the official said.
  • This $ 18 million, is that for an entire contract or for an annual salary?
  • The final price of $ 40 million for the entire contract was agreed upon in 1963.
  • Falk had contended that any player of Strickland's caliber should have his entire contract guaranteed.
  • The final price of C $ 40 million for the entire contract was agreed upon in 1963.
  • They could reopen the entire contract or bring up only the issues that are sticking points between them,
  • After protracted negotiations, the Knicks finally bought out his entire contract, $ 28.8 million.
  • It is possible the university might try to use the incidents to avoid paying off the entire contract.
  • The entire contract includes a $ 2 million signing bonus and is worth just under $ 18 million.
  • Because of supposed risk transfer, the entire contract is deemed to be revenue rather than capital spending.
  • That puts the value of the entire contract, including the options, at more than $ 5 billion.
  • On the second part, I think the Warriors will have a hard time justifying terminating the entire contract.
  • Smith said Dallas would pay their entire contracts and that the Rangers would send no money in the deal.
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