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enticingly sentence in Hindi

"enticingly" meaning in Hindienticingly in a sentence
  • The palette of increasing desperation is dark but also enticingly sexy.
  • An enticingly lacquered squab suffers from dryness, however.
  • Koenig is brought to the reception hall where an enticingly-gowned Elizia awaits.
  • It is much sought after for its enticingly scented fruit that it bears underground.
  • Wild turkeys are smaller, leaner, with denser flesh and an enticingly sweet gaminess.
  • To Martin, Eli is enticingly irresponsible.
  • Yet another driving force is that home electronics manufacturers have made it enticingly easy for consumers.
  • Next he passes a plate of tiny, fragrant sauteed frogs'legs enticingly beneath your nose.
  • Griffin observed as Gus, 800 pounds, tried to fit his nose into an enticingly sticky knothole.
  • With people persuaded the Fed would act, a bond rally has taken yields enticingly close to record lows.
  • In those days, the notion of a woman " in analysis " was still enticingly outre.
  • And that's just in the first 10 minutes of this enticingly loony restaging of the Bizet opera.
  • The kitties outdo themselves for our small neighbors, rolling, stretching, and generally being enticingly cute kittens.
  • John Macy said in a 1928 review that Rideout set the Chinese stories in " enticingly classic English ."
  • You can coordinate the preparation so that the just-toasted nuts sizzle enticingly as they go into the salad.
  • That's the message ( kind of ) of the enticingly titled " Bread and Tulips ."
  • A brunette in white, see-through lingerie stares enticingly at motorists from a huge poster overlooking the highway.
  • Exhilarating is the air she breathes, bewitching is the glance she casts and enticingly vulnerable is her condition ."
  • He added, almost enticingly, that he himself had been tortured, and offered to show me his scars.
  • Crawford's portrait, offering for sale an expensive watch to count the hours, smiled enticingly and said nothing.
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