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English-Hindi > eyelet

eyelet meaning in Hindi

eyelet sentence in Hindi
1.A sleeveless shirtdress is in white eyelet with a scalloped hem.

2.The pattern on it clashes with the direction of the eyelets.

3.Some of the medals are missing the eyelet for the ribbon.

4.With the advent of metal eyelets, tight lacing became possible.

5.A boss can also be a brass eyelet on a sail.

6.To that end, all tools had a hole or eyelet.

7.Straps and pumps are more important than laces and eyelets.

8.Strapz are available for sneakers with four, five and seven eyelets.

9.Passenger : " Your white eyelet blouse is lovely ."

10.A single eyelet reinforces the spoke hole much like a hollow rivet.

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fastener consisting of a metal ring for lining a small hole to permit the attachment of cords or lines
Synonyms: cringle, loop, grommet, grummet,

a small hole (usually round and finished around the edges) in cloth or leather for the passage of a cord or hook or bar
Synonyms: eyehole,

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