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English-Hindi > grommet

grommet meaning in Hindi

grommet sentence in Hindi
1.Embellishments like quilting, grommets, cutouts and buckles will be popular.

2.These Continuous length materials are referred to as " grommet edging ".

3.Square sails and gaff-rigged sails also have grommets at corners.

4.The most commonly used type is shaped like a grommet.

5.Pitpilot magazine published photographs and article about the up & coming grommet.

6.The wall is draped with gold velour curtains, studded with steel grommets.

7.Rubber grommets help protect the paint on the doors and the jack points.

8.Open grommets are placed near the top for ventilation.

9.The ropes would either be single-leg or grommet leg type ropes.

10.Accessories were an odd lot of backpacks, baseball caps and belts with grommets.

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fastener consisting of a metal ring for lining a small hole to permit the attachment of cords or lines
Synonyms: cringle, eyelet, loop, grummet,

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