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English-Hindi > loop

loop meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ lu:p ]  sound:  
verb past tense: looped   verb past participle: looped   noun plural: loops   verb present participle: looping   
loop sentence in Hindi
1.Recursive call could loop indefinitely
पुनरावर्ती आह्वान अनिश्चित काल के लिए लूप कर सकता है

2.Whether the animation should loop when it reaches the end
क्या चल छवि को लूप करना चाहिए जब यह अंत पर जाता है

3.WM_TRANSIENT_FOR window 0x%lx for %s would create loop.
WM_TRANSIENT_FOR विंडो 0x%lx %s के लिए लूप का निर्माण नहीं कर सका.

4.If you have three of them, and you loop them together,
अगर आपके पास ऐसे तीन है, तो उन्हें जोड दीजिये,

5.Failed to terminate the advise loop with DDE server
डीडीई सर्वर के साथ परामर्श लूप को समाप्त करने में असफ़ल

6.Whether the sequence of images should be shown in an endless loop.
एक अंतहीन लूप में बिंब के शृंखला दिखाया जाए या नहीं.

7.They have this very continuous feedback loop.
उनका फीडबैक का चक्र भी लगातार चलता रहता है.

8.Failed to establish an advise loop with DDE server
डीडीई सर्वर के साथ एक परामर्श लूप को स्थापित करने में असफ़ल

9.One loop, two loops - maybe you could do a three loop diagram,
एक, दो, या तीन पाश चित्र कर सकते थे

10.One loop, two loops - maybe you could do a three loop diagram,
एक, दो, या तीन पाश चित्र कर सकते थे

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a flight maneuver; aircraft flies a complete circle in the vertical plane
Synonyms: loop-the-loop,

a complete electrical circuit around which current flows or a signal circulates
Synonyms: closed circuit,

fastener consisting of a metal ring for lining a small hole to permit the attachment of cords or lines
Synonyms: cringle, eyelet, grommet, grummet,

an intrauterine device in the shape of a loop

the topology of a network whose components are serially connected in such a way that the last component is connected to the first component
Synonyms: loop topology,

a computer program that performs a series of instructions repeatedly until some specified condition is satisfied

the basic pattern of the human fingerprint

an inner circle of advisors (especially under President Reagan); "he''s no longer in the loop"

(computer science) a single execution of a set of instructions that are to be repeated; "the solution took hundreds of iterations"
Synonyms: iteration,

anything with a round or oval shape (formed by a curve that is closed and does not intersect itself)

fasten or join with a loop; "He looped the watch through his belt"

wind around something in coils or loops
Synonyms: coil, curl,

make a loop in; "loop a rope"
Synonyms: intertwine,

fly loops, perform a loop; "the stunt pilot looped his plane"

move in loops; "The bicycle looped around the tree"

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