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English-Hindi > flippancies

flippancies meaning in Hindi

flippancies sentence in Hindi
1.Such flippancy endeared him neither to conservatives nor to many other homosexuals.

2.That was just the beginning of a night of flippancy.

3."There's a flippancy that shows in his demeanor.

4.The tone oscillates wildly between droning academese and slick flippancy.

5.In fact, Thoms is far more dedicated than his flippancy suggests.

6.She has the dash and natural flippancy of a comedienne.

7.Job interviews proved a great difficulty for Joad, due to his flippancy.

8.His mastery of grammar is clear, but his weakness for flippancy is clearer.

9.My warning to him / her against edit warring was simply dismissed with flippancy.

10.But his natural flippancy is subdued in this role of a crook with a grievance.

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