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flippancies sentence in Hindi

"flippancies" meaning in Hindiflippancies in a sentence
  • Such flippancy endeared him neither to conservatives nor to many other homosexuals.
  • That was just the beginning of a night of flippancy.
  • "There's a flippancy that shows in his demeanor.
  • The tone oscillates wildly between droning academese and slick flippancy.
  • In fact, Thoms is far more dedicated than his flippancy suggests.
  • She has the dash and natural flippancy of a comedienne.
  • Job interviews proved a great difficulty for Joad, due to his flippancy.
  • His mastery of grammar is clear, but his weakness for flippancy is clearer.
  • My warning to him / her against edit warring was simply dismissed with flippancy.
  • But his natural flippancy is subdued in this role of a crook with a grievance.
  • The casual flippancy of " Seinfeld " would probably tank if introduced tomorrow.
  • They remember the humor, the flippancy.
  • Defense attorney George Bizos objected to Ben Menashe's repeated flippancy in the dock.
  • There were hints of similar flippancy in " In the Line of Fire,"
  • But Joe's thoughtless flippancy keeps hitting exposed nerves and reducing her nearly to tears.
  • In part, that happens because the film walks a thin line between flippancy and passion.
  • The board reprimanded him for flippancy.
  • In the contest she matches his masculine flippancy, but comes to see his essential honesty.
  • Matthews can get away with such flippancy because there is such mutual respect between the former Trojans.
  • As in " Virginia Woolf, " flippancy is linked directly to savagery and anguish.
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