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English-Hindi > flipflop

flipflop meaning in Hindi

flipflop sentence in Hindi
1.Clinton already has made one major flipflop on an environmental veto.

2.The most damning commentary on that flipflop?

3.Matt Schmidt, Editor at " My Life News ", described the innovative flipflop as " stylish and comfy ".

4.Cleveland coach Bill Belichick gave Thompson much of the credit for the Browns'flipflop from bottom of the league to top.

5.CLIMATE _ The flipflop from summer's heat and drought to October's floods may seem like typical Texas weather.

6.The most likely thing for now is to flipflop in the respective parks like we do in spring training and the World Series.

7.It would be instructive to make a mechanical analog of an amplifier, an invertor, basic logic gates, or a flipflop.

8.Like when Team A beats Team B but is still ranked slightly behind Team B, he'd like to flipflop the two.

9.He attacked several Democratic opponents for what he called a " stunning flipflop " on a measure they voted for a year ago.

10.Political campaigns serve up pithy catch phrases like " economic girlie man " and " flipflop " that stick in the public consciousness but don't deliver much information.

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