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flippantly sentence in Hindi

"flippantly" meaning in Hindiflippantly in a sentence
  • The strong survive, and I don't say that flippantly.
  • But Rhodes looks justifiably confident as he flippantly pursues his serious purpose.
  • "I don't, " he said flippantly.
  • Set those trivial matters aside, they flippantly tell us.
  • It's not one I've made lightly or flippantly.
  • One of the committee members flippantly suggests nominating Linda Lovelace.
  • "I'll do windows, " he said flippantly.
  • "And they're said so flippantly.
  • I don't mean that flippantly,"
  • "You don't say that flippantly.
  • Frustrated with Ben, Allyson flippantly tells her mother about the sexual encounter.
  • When confronted on his talkpage, Shii responded flippantly.
  • Her response was to flippantly say ""
  • They've been flippantly passing this info on without checking the source ."
  • Some events are so dark, so evil, that they cannot be flippantly explained.
  • Max flippantly says he " ll be ok as the ring is his lucky charm.
  • I made one comment I intended flippantly.
  • Drmies makes these errors and casts these accusations flippantly and then says they are confident?
  • How many times has NBC weatherman Willard Scott flippantly predicted " mild precipitation "?
  • Belsky remembers asking, somewhat flippantly.
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