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English-Hindi > haberdasher

haberdasher meaning in Hindi

haberdasher sentence in Hindi
• बिसाती
• छोटी-मोटी वस्तुओं का विक्रेता
• सिलाई की वस्तुएँ बेचने वाला
1.It was believed that the Renziehausens earned their money as haberdashers.

2.He went to Haberdashers'Aske's Boys'School.

3.My friend Kenny is no scientist; he's a haberdasher.

4.In his house, after Petruchio has dismissed the haberdasher, Katherina exclaims

5.She attended both Haberdashers Monmouth School For Girls & Mountview Theatre School.

6.He was a member of the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers.

7.Franz Kafka's father, Hermann Kafka, was a haberdasher.

8.Daniel became a freeman of the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers in 1632.

9.Opposite are the haberdashers V . V . Rouleaux at number 102.

10.Q : Where does the word " haberdasher " come from?

a merchant who sells men''s clothing
Synonyms: clothier,

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