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English-Hindi > habile

habile meaning in Hindi

habile sentence in Hindi
1.Schneider also was a habile portrait painter.

2.Pougin called him " un-artiste extr�mement distingu? aussi excellent professeur qu habile ex�cutant ".

3.He is shorter than the average hare, and works as a master of disguise under Major P�rigord Habile Sinistra.

4.He was described as a " very skillful young man " ( " un jeune homme tr�s habile " ) by �douard Stephan.

5.They declared some of the objections frivolous and unworthy of notice, others absurd and unintelligible; and all of them irrelevant, and that not a single habile ( that is, competent ) witness was offered for the proof of them.

6.Magistrat int�gre et habile orateur, il employa souvent son �loquence pour t�cher de sauver les victimes de la vengeance du cardinal de Richelieu, et il fut un de ceux qui interc�d�rent avec le plus de chaleur en faveur du duc de Montmorency.

7.At St . Helena in July 1817 he alluded to him with calmness as " " habile " " and " " adroit " ", but he always maintained that the accepted version of the celebrated interview of 13 March was " " plein des fausset�s " ".

8.Pierre de Nolhac, the historian of the Ch�teau de Versailles, in " Le Trianon de Marie-Antoinette " ( 1914 ), found Mique to have been " un artiste savant, habile, et digne de plus de gloire " A street in the city of Versailles commemorates his name.

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