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English-Hindi > haberdashery

haberdashery meaning in Hindi

noun plural: haberdasheries   
haberdashery sentence in Hindi
1.Jonathan Weiss, the owner of a haberdashery, jumped in.

2.He had better get used to it or try a haberdashery.

3.Haberdasheries in Somerville have been turned into restaurants and specialty retailers.

4.In his haberdashery, Pica still uses simecs to clear inventory.

5.The book also incorporates a gazetteer of his favorite haberdasheries.

6.Polly owned a large haberdashery store in the Ipswich Buttermarket.

7.The National Basketball Assn . has finally confronted the crisis in hoop haberdashery.

8.Then there is the mystery of the haberdashery signals.

9.His haberdashery fell victim to the recession of 1922.

10.The building was originally built to house a haberdashery.

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a store where men''s clothes are sold
Synonyms: clothing store, haberdashery store, mens store,

the drygoods sold by a haberdasher
Synonyms: men''s furnishings,

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