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English-Hindi > hachure

hachure meaning in Hindi

hachure sentence in Hindi
1.The hachures are traditionally monocolour, usually black, gray or brown.

2.Excavated features are drawn in three dimensions with the help of drawing conventions such as hachures.

3.Emil von Sydow designed maps with coloured hachures : green for lowlands and brown for highlands.

4.Hachures are strokes ( short line segments or curves ) drawn in the direction of the steepest slope ( the aspect direction ).

5.Hachures extend the range to the north and northwest, but the implication is that the name Ocooch applied only to its southernmost end.

6.hachures, drainage, roads, railroads, and houses with the names of residents at the time of the Battle of Gettysburg . ]]

7.On these maps, Sydow developed a color methodology for landscape features using hachures, where green was depicted for lowlands and brown used for highlands.

8.His system of representing ground by horizontal hachures and a scale of shade was perfected at Chatham, and adopted for the army as the basis of military sketching.

9.Hachures are still used today on Large Scale maps to show slopes and on British Ordnance Survey Maps and also in various countries toposheets to show Road and Railway Cutting and Embankments.

10.Using two complementary colours for the hachures on a neutral background colour ( e . g . black and white lines on gray map colour ) would give a shading effect as if the relief were illuminated.

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shading consisting of multiple crossing lines
Synonyms: hatch, hatching, crosshatch,

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