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hake sentence in Hindi

"hake" meaning in Hindi
  • This works out to around half all hake eaten in Europe.
  • Surveys have recorded conger eels, sharks, groupers and hake.
  • Hakes blamed the low inventories on a variety of factors.
  • January will be a crucial month for oil refiners, Hakes said.
  • Jay Hakes, head of the department's Energy Information Administration.
  • EIA Administrator Jay Hakes said in today's report.
  • Hakes refers to it as the Census Bureau of energy.
  • There were last-minute hugs and a final hake.
  • French and Spanish fishermen will suffer most from the lower hake quotas.
  • Other dinnertime favorites such as hake and haddock are also at risk.
  • In Spain, fresh hake are mostly purchased by restaurants through retailers.
  • Nonetheless, processed hake products are distributed by hake wholesalers.
  • Nonetheless, processed hake products are distributed by hake wholesalers.
  • Hake next encountered three ships with two escorts 1 February.
  • Hake went on to co-found the Must Destroy record label.
  • Michael Hakes died on November 19, 2003 from complications from leukemia.
  • He married artist Dora Beatrice Hake on 29 Mar 1910.
  • During the First World War Hake served in the British Armed Forces.
  • During this time Hake was awarded the Order of the British Empire.
  • Guttorm destroyed the enemy army, and Hake fell there.
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