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English-Hindi > handsomeness

handsomeness meaning in Hindi

handsomeness sentence in Hindi
1.What has handsomeness to do with a full set of teeth?

2.I inherited his resolve and his disease, but not his handsomeness.

3.Marty was an ex-boxer with a dark-haired swarthy handsomeness.

4.But his handsomeness is also seen as a danger, especially by Flo.

5.Conversely, West noted, strengths, including handsomeness, can turn into problems.

6.His face, with its dimpled chin, retains the fleshy handsomeness of youth.

7.How much blond handsomeness can we stand?

8.To the curse Vijay totally loses his handsomeness and turns into a very ugly man.

9.The brooding handsomeness of George Clooney.

10.Medieval Georgian sources praise his handsomeness, military talents, valor, and devotion to Tamar.

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