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English-Hindi > handspun

handspun meaning in Hindi

handspun sentence in Hindi
1.Seersucker is used by adding commercial threads in stripes along with the handspun threads.

2.Initiatives were started aiming at re-establishing the ancient tradition of carpet weaving from handspun, naturally dyed wool.

3.Hand-woven blankets, treasured for their warmth and durability, often were embroidered with colorful handspun wool yarns.

4.Generally, handspun single plies are spun with a Z-twist, and plying is done with an S-twist.

5.It is usually an upholstery-weight fabric and can be made using silk, rayon or handspun and hand woven appearance.

6.She wears not the handspun traditional dress of a Ladakhi woman but a secondhand Gap sweat shirt, bought at the Leh bazaar.

7.DOBAG Carpets are woven with handspun wool, dyed locally with natural dyes prepared according to the recipes as experimentally re-established.

8.Also, vendors with spinning wheels, fleeces, handspun yarn, looms, books and handmade garments . 828-891-2810.

9.The store specializes in unique Nativity sets made with such materials as wood, wheat straw, handspun wool, terra cotta and banana bark.

10.He blames the military regime for a steep decline in village incomes as a result of lost tourist sales of cotton clothing handspun by residents.

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