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English-Hindi > handwash

handwash meaning in Hindi

handwash sentence in Hindi
1.When it comes to antibacterial handwash products, we think they provide a certain level of comfort to the consumer.

2.Subsequently, Lux soap has been marketed in several forms, including handwash, shower gel and cream bath soap.

3.In May 2013, Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals released a YouTube video,'Use This Handwash Style !', as part of a major new hand hygiene campaign.

4.Cultures were taken from the solution poured over each healthcare worker's hands as they performed a 60-second friction rinse, done both before and after a routine handwash.

5.:: : The ref cited at : File : Surveilluminescent Lights in Motion handwash faucets 03 . jpg says that you tap into the camera signal to determine when it senses something.

6.In India, Dhobis, a caste group specialized in washing clothes, are slowly adapting to modern technology, but even with access to washing machines, many still handwash garments as well.

7.The bodywash and handwash lotions do not come in the original Imperial Leather scent, despite making use of the brandname, but instead come in various other exotic variations such as  Japanese Spa.

8.The organisation runs a factory in Highams Park, London, which makes a variety of toiletries and cleaning products, including soap, handwash, shampoo, body lotion, window cleaner and car cleaning kits.

9.It is usually done in two applications according to specific hand-rubbing techniques, EN1499 ( hygienic handwash ), and EN 1500 ( hygienic hand disinfection ) to ensure that antiseptic is applied everywhere on the surface of the hand.

10.The Imperial Leather Shaving Cream and the After Shave Lotion have returned to supermarkets in that country, in two varieties ( Original Red and Vertigo Grey ), and are joined by Imperial Leather Deodorant and a range of bodywash and handwash lotions.

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