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English-Hindi > izzard

izzard meaning in Hindi

izzard sentence in Hindi
1.Izzard : That impressed the hell out of me, too.

2.A household name in Britain, Izzard is practically unknown here.

3.A funnier world, too, with Eddie Izzard in it.

4.CBS at 12 : 35 : Eddie Izzard, John Hiatt.

5.They also sold stocks and bonds on fake companies in Izzard.

6.Izzard said he believed the scroll would appeal to a Japanese museum.

7.Izzard : As long as you've got pullout.

8.Izzard's adorable one-man show at Performance Space 122.

9.Izzard will be hard pressed to be more conservative than his opponent.

10.Izzard tells us near the end of his two-hour show.

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the 26th letter of the Roman alphabet; "the British call Z zed and the Scots call it ezed but Americans call it zee"; "he doesn''t know A from izzard"
Synonyms: Z, z, zee, zed, ezed,

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