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izzard sentence in Hindi

"izzard" meaning in Hindiizzard in a sentence
  • Izzard : That impressed the hell out of me, too.
  • A household name in Britain, Izzard is practically unknown here.
  • A funnier world, too, with Eddie Izzard in it.
  • CBS at 12 : 35 : Eddie Izzard, John Hiatt.
  • They also sold stocks and bonds on fake companies in Izzard.
  • Izzard said he believed the scroll would appeal to a Japanese museum.
  • Izzard : As long as you've got pullout.
  • Izzard's adorable one-man show at Performance Space 122.
  • Izzard will be hard pressed to be more conservative than his opponent.
  • Izzard tells us near the end of his two-hour show.
  • Casting Izzard as Bri, the perpetually adolescent teacher, was inspired.
  • No one will ever accuse Izzard of playing it safe.
  • The dour Izzard is all wrong as the charismatic Chaplin.
  • Starring : Kirsten Dunst, Edward Herrmann, Eddie Izzard.
  • Eddie Izzard is a professional tranny who offers the men some tips.
  • The great thing is that Izzard magically connects it all.
  • Bravo; " Eddie Izzard : Dress to Kill,"
  • HBO; " Eddie Izzard : Dress to Kill,"
  • Izzard, though, wasn't in it from the beginning.
  • The 41-year-old Izzard began as a street performer.
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