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jactitations sentence in Hindi

"jactitations" meaning in Hindi
  • This hypnagogic jactitation often occurs in the legs, and may occasion a short explanatory dream about stumbling or missing the bottom stair.
  • Hervey eventually gained legal recognition in 1777 that his marriage to Chudleigh was legitimate, but he did not pursue divorce proceedings, probably because of his involvement with the suit of jactitation.
  • In " Thompson v . Rourke ", the Court of Appeal laid down that the court will not make a decree in a jactitation suit in favour of a petitioner who has at any time acquiesced in the assertion of the respondent that they were actually married.
  • In the Republic of Ireland, the Family Law Act 1995 implemented the recommendations of a 1983 report by the Law Reform Commission, by abolishing the right to petition for jactitation of marriage, and instead empowering the Circuit Family Court to make a declaration about the status of a person's marriage.
  • "' Jactitation "'is an archaic medical term ( derived, perhaps as a corruption, from " jactation ", meaning a restless tossing and turning of the body, and derived itself from Latin " jactare " or " jacere ", both meaning " to throw or hurl " ) referring to the involuntary spasm of a limb, muscle, or muscle group.

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